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The Statue of Liberty

It is one of new York’s most famous landmarks and has become a symbol of the United States. Its real name is very little known “Freedom illuminating the World” and since 1984 UNESCO declared it a World Heritage site for its historical value. It represents freedom and the struggle for emancipation against oppression, a message that it transmitted to European immigrants because this was the first vision they had when they arrived.


Mount Rushmore

Commonly known as Mount Rushmore National Memorial is one of the most iconic sites in the United States.
Its singularity lies in that it is a monumental sculptural ensemble of 18 meters high and 5.17 km ² of extension.
It represents the birth, growth, conservation and development of the American nation.
Its construction lasted 14 years and the end result was the reflection on a granite mountain of the faces of
American Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.
Another curious data of the work is that his sculptors were father and son, Gutzon Borglum and Lincoln Borglum.


About America

Currently, the United States of America is the second most visited tourist destination on the planet. Only surpassed by France, it has about 80 million visitors a year. Its privileged place in the world ranking is because it is a source of cultural richness, natural and historical, and is also known for its varied proposals of fun and recreation.

The skyscrapers of new York and Chicago, the natural wonders of Yellowstone and Alaska, the sunny beaches of California, Florida and Hawaii, theme parks, national parks, outdoor concerts, parades, shops, museums, art galleries, restaurants, Fashion, famous monuments, iconic places and spectacular geography. To get to know and enjoy cultural topics you can visit Boston, Philadelphia or San Francisco. As for Fiesta and debauchery Miami, new Orleans, Los Angeles or Las Vegas. If you don’t want to miss the great monuments visit the Statue of Liberty, the San Francisco Bridge, Mount Rushmore or the Arch of St. Louis. Also for nature lovers the Bad lands of Montana, the Appalachians, the tables of New Mexico or the Grand Canyon of the Colorado.

The population in general is attentive to the tourist, but the sector that really stands out in this is the rural areas. You can get to know more about the people of the United States crossing interstate roads like the famous Route 66. It is a popularized belief that the United States is just new York and Los Angeles. You can not be more mistaken, every region of the country has its unique features that are worth exploring.



Amtrak is the national company that connects most of the United States territory. At the general level the rail service is good and most of the stations are in the center of the cities. The trains are equipped with car beds, panoramic cars, snack bar, restaurant, an entertainment car and for tourists are offered valid passes for more than a month.

However, the airlines offer a strong competition in terms of duration and cost of travel so especially in the long journeys, trains are used less frequently as a form of transportation. On the other hand, there are historical tours with steam or narrow-gauge machines, among which are the circuits of Mount Hood Railroad in Oregon and the Durango-Silverton in Colorado.


The buses that connect most of the North American cities are air-conditioned, with relatively comfortable seating, and in case of long-distance trips, they make stops to eat and rest every four hours. The bus service is slightly cheaper than the plane, but also much slower.