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Hotel Plaza (New York)

In itself is an historic landmark, it has 282 rooms overlooking Central Park that feel like luxury private residences. You can also enjoy a wonderful spa and butler services 24 hours a day.


Mandarin Oriental (las Vegas)

With its branded conservative style this hotel breaks with the stereotype related to the city that never sleeps. It ranks as a tranquil retreat with fine restaurants, spa, pools and even meeting room. It has 392 deluxe rooms that guarantee serenity. But don’t worry, if you go to Las Vegas for partying and binging, the […]


The Beverly Hills Peninsula (Los Angeles)

Its attentive staff discreetly attends to the rich and famous. Its status as a luxury Hollywood destination has been constant since its opening in the years 90. The dining room is top notch, they have a rooftop pool and the spa uses massage oils infused with diamonds. The 194 rooms have a floral décor, plus […]


The Jefferson (Washington D.C.)

Its subtle blend of technology with colonial charms makes it unique. Televisions integrated into the bathroom mirrors, electronic cleaning buttons and an intimate library are the perfect combination for the 21st century guest.


Other Hosting options

In the United States there is a chain of hostels commonly called B & B (Bed & Breakfast) that offer cheap prices and are very welcoming. Only in new York state there are 644 where you can stay. The prices are varied, ranging between 100 and 300 dollars a room. These sites are known for […]